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What’s Included In Your Community Build

Initial Planning

  • Preliminary Consultation: Discuss the overall purpose and vision for your community
  • Community Details Questionnaire: Gather critical details about the community to uncover all the key specifics desired
  • Timeline: Establish a timeline with clear expectations from starting the build to launching the community
  • Mindmap: Collaborate to create a mindmap illustrating the community’s structure and key components
  • Community Framework Structure: Develop a basic mock-up of the sections, channels, and spaces that will comprise the framework of your community

Community Build

  • Onboarding: Establish a clear and welcoming onboarding process for new members
  • Create Spaces/Groups: Designate specific areas or groups for different topics or member types
  • Space Access Settings: Decide and select the appropriate settings within each space
  • Add Cover Images to Space/Groups: Customize spaces/groups with relevant and eye-popping cover images for better engagement and visual appeal
  • Add Descriptions to Spaces/Groups: Clearly define the purpose and rules of each space/group
  • Set Member Notifications: Configure default notification settings for members
  • 4-Weekly Check-ins: Energize your community experience through regularly scheduled check-ins to engage with members and gather feedback


  • Branding Integration: Incorporate branding elements consistently throughout the community
  • Customize Visibility: Adjust visibility settings based on preferences, member roles, types of content, and privacy

Communication and Engagement

  • Thank You/Welcome Series: Receive direction on developing effective email communication for newly subscribed members
  • Create Invitation Link: Generate invitation links for your targeted audience to join the community
  • Waitlist Strategy: Grab innovative ideas for managing demand through a waitlist system
  • Set Up Events: Plan and schedule community events for engagement and growth

Technical Setup

  • Create a Custom Domain: Establish a custom domain for your community that makes it easy to share
  • Create a Zap:¬† Set up automation to connect your email marketing platform with your community including tagging for subs and unsubs
  • Pricing Structure Assistance: Receive guidance in developing a pricing strategy for community membership and services¬†
  • Stripe Platform Assistance: Get support in integrating Stripe for payment processing

Monitoring and Improvement

  • Analytics: Provide insight on setting up and interpreting analytics for explosive growth and engagement
  • Testing: Conduct thorough testing of community functionality and automation

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