Once you have finished your online community build, the next crucial step is strategizing for GROWTH. Growing your online community would seem to be a common sense thing, but its importance cannot be overemphasized. After all, the exciting part of managing your online community is watching it grow and transform into a vibrant place where members can engage and learn.


For any organization or group, growing a following and experiencing membership growth can be possible with a multi-faceted approach and the right level of determination. As the saying goes,

The list of ways to grow your online community is long and ever-changing. So, let’s dive in! Growing your community won’t be easy, but it will be well worth the effort. How rewarding it will be to see it happen right before your eyes. Be ready to put in the work and most importantly be consistent. Consistency and dedication to a healthy and nurtured community will reap rewards for not only your team, but also for each and every member.


Idea #1: Have a Killer Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a free item or service provided to someone in exchange for their contact information. Having a killer lead magnet for an online community is crucial in getting new subscribers. 

You can offer a discount on membership, an invitation to a webinar, or give away an Ebook. The options are endless. The key is to select the right lead magnet that will be enticing and convertible.

Idea #2: Create a Strategic Email Nurturing Campaign

Email or lead nurturing is the practice of using a sequence of emails to connect with prospective consumers with the goal of getting them to buy-in (literally lol) to what you are offering. 

Your lead nurturing campaign should guide prospects down the sales funnel and ultimately help convert these leads into new community members. 

Idea #3: Offer a Free Mini course 

Offer a free mini course that’s hosted in your community with access to the community for a limited time (14 – 60 days). This will give prospective community members a chance to check out what your community has to offer.

Not only will they learn valuable information in the mini course, but they will have access to some of your community spaces and engagement from current members.

Idea #4: Be a Speaker in a related Community

Venture out and share your knowledge about what you do as an entrepreneur. Become a speaker in a similarly related community.

Share your passion for who you are as a business owner, life coach, or entrepreneur. This publicity can drive others to your business and community.

Idea #5: Special Guest Podcast Interviews

Becoming a special guest on a podcast can be HUGE for growing your audience and ultimately your online community. Use your network of other entrepreneurs and offer to come on as a special guest.

Why do this? Here is why….

  • Free publicity for your brand and your community
  • You can build your credibility in the space
  • Grow your audience with new listeners
  • The podcast interview can be used and repurposed for content on social media platforms


Idea #6: Write Guest Blogs

Reach out to entrepreneurs and online businesses who host blogs on their sites and offer to write a guest post. These business owners would no doubt love to have you help them with content. At the same time, guest blogs will give you access to a new audience.

Creating publicity through a guest blog submission can potentially attract new registrants to your email list and draw them closer to your online community.

Idea #7: Conduct a Free or Paid Cohort

Organize a cohort, whether it’s offered for free or as a paid option. Within your community, conduct a gathering of members with a shared goal to build or launch an offering. 

For example, a community centered around writers could have a cohort where each participant could create a webinar about a specific topic that would benefit their prospective audiences. 

This type of cohort allows for groupthink, invaluable synergy, and a sense of clarity. Cohesion of thought and innovation will no doubt spring forth.

Idea #8: Host a Free Challenge with Limited Community Access

Design and host a Free Challenge within your online community. This will engage and motivate members towards a specific activity or goal. Challenges are limited-time events that typically last from 4-8 weeks.

Challenges create a sense of community and promote engagement. Striving towards achieving a targeted result as an individual within the community environment can be extremely beneficial for community members.

Give limited access to prospective members as a way of introducing them to your online community.

Idea #9: Conduct Workshops and Webinars

Connect with your audience (email list) by conducting a workshop or webinar. This can make a world of difference when it comes to growing your list and cultivating that relationship.

Workshops and webinars provide a great opportunity for you to gain social proof, provide valuable content, and enhance your influence within your network and audience.

Tons of content can be used afterward for email campaigns, social media posting, and gaining new subscribers.

Idea #10: Post a Lead Generation Quiz

Marketers in general love putting quizzes out there for consumers to participate in. Quizzes, surveys, and the like are an excellent growth tool for lead generation. 

Make it fun and interactive. People enjoy content that allows them to participate, win a prize, or test their knowledge. Create your quiz with design in mind. Make the quiz vibrant with colorful imagery, video, and photos.

Quizzes can be a lead generating activity that helps you grow your email list and community.


Bonus Idea: Offer a 14-day Trial for $1.00

Who doesn’t love free or low-priced trial periods on products and services? Trial periods are the best way for consumers to test out new software platforms and apps. It’s kind of like test-driving a sports car for the weekend, or getting a cheap round to a prestigious golf course. 

Giving access to your online community for 2 weeks at a low price of $1.00 is a cool idea to let prospects check out what your community has to offer. 

Charging a menial price for this limited access is important because consumers typically care more about something they invest money into versus something completely free. Free access may cause less interaction and involvement.


Innovative strategies for growing your online community are numerous and necessary. Try some of these strategies we’ve discussed here and drive new membership into your community.