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Empowering Your Online Community for Epic Growth & Success! 

Here at Heather Lynn Angel, LLC, we work with you to build, launch, and grow your online community. First, we’ll take a look at your community goals, then we’ll take a look at all of the systems you currently use, next we will figure out the best way to connect, simplify, and automate your systems to enhance your community, and last we’ll either build your community for you or alongside you. You don’t have to do this alone!

Let’s Transform Your Community Journey Together!

Unleash your creativity and DESIGN an epic online community that will make your members go “Wow!”

BUILD a digital playground where your community members can connect, collaborate, and have a blast together.

Say goodbye to mind-numbing tasks! With our AUTOMATION powers, you’ll have more time to enjoy a cup of coffee (or three) while the community practically manages itself.

Managing member interactions, content moderation, and user permissions has never been easier. We’ve made it simple so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Watch your community blossom and GROW into something extraordinary as we sprinkle our secret sauce of growth strategies and tips.

If are ready to connect the tech that supports your community-based business, Heather can help you. At the beginning of my community-building journey with Write Medicine, she was able to help me integrate Circle with my website, email, and the other software that I needed to fuel business growth. She’s fun to work with, has a design mindset, and her skills will help to jumpstart your community launch.

Write Medicine

Heather took us through every step of the process, outlining exactly what we needed to do to create a thriving community on Circle. And let me tell you, the results have been nothing short of incredible. Our FBB-Community Training Center is now a hub of activity, with our kids, parents and mentors coming together to learn and grow. If you’re looking to build a powerful community and need a tech expert who can guide you every step of the way, look no further than Heather Angel. She is an absolute rockstar and we cannot recommend her highly enough!


FBB Community

Heather helped introduce a framework for our community that brought clarity to the direction we wanted to go. Her skillset helped us to push the ball down the field and guided us into having some big conversations at the right times in the process. She always went the extra mile to make herself available with a willing attitude to serve. 


Michael Jr

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Heather Lynn Angel

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Heather Angel, the Community Strategist extraordinaire! As a tech-loving nerd, I’m all about teaching the ins and outs of strategy, automation, and tech in the community space. I actually started my journey as a Technical Virtual Assistant many moons ago, but my love for community led me down a different path. Now, I’m all about helping others build their own communities and achieve the dream life that I’ve worked so hard to create.

And can I just say, I’m a total adventure junkie! Two years ago, my hubby and I packed up our business and our four-legged friends and hit the road as digital nomads. We’ve covered the East Coast and a bit of the mid-southwest. If you’re looking for me, you’ll probably find me soaking up some sun on a beach somewhere.

But in all seriousness, my greatest passion lies in teaching others. I love making learning fun and inspiring, so if you’re ready to dive into the world of community strategy with a dash of humor and a lot of heart, I’m your gal!

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